The #SSEF inspires, connects, and opens up space for exchange. For a positive social impact.

Clear the stage for the social economy

The #SSEF creates a national stage for topics around impact-oriented management and for its actors from practice, science, politics, and civil society.

Donut economics, business for good, purpose ventures, sustainable and regenerative, impact-driven, and social entrepreneurship; the economy of tomorrow has many names, but one thing in common: the focus on positive impact and the connecting credo "impact first".

To this end, the social economy hosts many initiatives, organizations and companies with similar goals and common challenges. This community needs a place for exchange and networking. A place to learn and develop.

Be there when the Swiss changemakers meet at #SSEF24. Here we network and get inspired, find like-minded people and work out solutions and answers to pressing questions.

The Swiss Social Economy Forum is an economic forum of the next generation. For the next generation. For a planet worth living on and a strong, responsible society.

Review #SSEF24

On 16.05.2024, the social economy gathered again at the #SSEF - this year in Solothurn.

The diversity of participants reflected the breadth of the social economy and its diverse stakeholders. The forum was divided into two main topics: Promotion and financing of the social economy. Various panels and spotlight presentations were held for this purpose.